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Taillefer chaudronnerie industrielle


Taillefer manufactures processing and storage units fully compliant to industry standards and regulations

Mixing and solidification plant for waste management
Storage units for

  • Waste incineration plants – filtration plants
  • Solidification/stabilization of waste

Taillefer’s engineering department helps you with your project. We design your solution in full compliance with the constraints and standards of your industry (CODAP…)

Every step is quality controlled

Taillefer provides reinforced quality controls including the formal documentation for dimensional checks, visual welding inspections and water/airtightness verifications.

We also check our welds by dye penetrant inspection.

Taillefer employs qualified welders (QMOS and QS) for specific welding specifications as per your standards. Our engineering office is able to provide welding documentation that will summarize all welding aspects.

Our assets

  • Integrated Engineering office100%
  • Manufacture (production) in our workshop97%
  • Delivery in France and Europe98%
  • On site building and maintenance is done by Taillefers’ team 98%