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centrale à béton, fabrication de centrales à béton

Concrete plants

Standard or customized turnkey solutions, by our engineering department. You can entrust your project to our team, recognized for it’s expertise.

Concrete plants

From design to maintenance 

Taillefer has been manufacturing concrete plants for 30 years. We know how to design the complete project from the drawings to the on-site construction and the maintenance. Our team manufactures turnkey solutions for ready mix concrete or precast concrete plants and can help with the retrofitting of your current installation.

Taillefer’s portfolio for concrete plant

Taillefer designs, manufactures and builds on site, all the components of your concrete plant –vertical or horizontal – from the unloading zone to the mixing unit.

  • Unloading hopper

  • Conveyors

  • Steel structures

  • Cement silos

  • Mixing unit

  • Staircase, walkways, railing

  • Accessories for the process

Our assets

  • Inhouse Engineering office100%
  • Delivery in France and Europe97%
  • Manufacture, on site building and maintenance is done by Taillefers’ team98%